Fat Woman Embarrassed After Walking Down the Aisle with Slim Sister Loses Weight for Second Wedding

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A woman cut down half her body weight with the help of hypnotism that made her believe she had gastric band surgery. Sarah Price weighed 308 lbs and was desperate to lay off the extra weight.

When Sarah had a joint wedding with her sister, Amanda, she was embarrassed at the key difference of their weight. Amanda was slimmer while Sarah clearly had a lot of extra weight for her  5’4″ figure. Sarah wanted to lose weight, and wasn’t getting any results from traditional weight loss fads, which is why she tried out a unique approach.

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Sarah knew she wanted to slim down for her dream wedding, but she just can’t resist eating a lot of food. One time, she visited a pastry and ate some chocolate bar and cake before trying out her dress.

Sarah did try to lose weight by going to the gym and dieting, but it wasn’t consistent, and she eventually just gave up. She told her  fiancé, Lee Hart, that she’ll try losing weight after their wedding.

Her sister Amanda was the one who supported Sarah to do diets and even gave out advice for her journey in cutting weight, but Sarah dismissed the encouragement and help from her sister.

The sisters decided to do a joint wedding in order to save money. They also planned to celebrate both their weddings in Cyprus, because of the ensured sunshine.

Sarah was confident that all the guests and friends will focus their attention to Amanda’s stunning beauty, but little did she know that they will actually fixate their eyes on her. During the reception, Sarah  noticed the curious as well as judgmental glares of the people.

Eventually, Sarah got over the wedding and was happily married to Lee. They transferred to France, and they had two children, Harrison and Marshall. Even after the wedding, Sarah was still struggling in controlling her weight. Her Christmas break was another stomach-filled feast.

But when Sarah went to a dress party in 2009’s New Year’s Eve, her eyes finally opened, she packed a lot of pounds during the Christmas break. Sarah’s friends were shocked with her insane weight gain. Although they wouldn’t show their bewilderment, it was clear from their eyes and reaction that they were surprised of Sarah’s transformation. Of course, Sarah felt bad and wanted to shed off the excess pounds.

When Sarah returned to France, she was more determined than ever to finally lose weight. Sarah was more consistent with her diet and exercise. She was able to read an article about gastric mind band treatment and decided to try it for herself. Gastric mind band treatment is some sort of hypnosis that deceives the brain into believing that it had a gastric band surgery.

Sarah felt it was a perfect opportunity for her since she doesn’t want to have gastric band surgery and that it was too expensive. When doing her hypnotherapy, Sarah would walk two miles from the hotel as additional exercise.  The hypnosis makes Sarah think that her stomach is shrinking, thus lessening her urge for food.

Of course, the hypnotherapy wouldn’t work alone, Sarah also needed to change her lifestyle. She slowly replaced sugary and carbohydrate-loaded foods with vegetables, salads, yogurts, and lean met. Sarah was also committed in going to the gym four times a week to do cardio and resistance training.

After a few months, Sarah finally lost her weight in a healthy way. You can see in the photos that her lifestyle changed and some help with the hypnotherapy made a significant impact. She finally wore Amanda’s clothes for the first time in their adult lives.

Unfortunately, Lee and Sarah ended their marriage but still remain as good friends.

Eventually Sarah met with her friends and they were amazed with her weight loss. She started dating Adam Price and married a year later. This time, Sarah isn’t worried about her weight anymore and is excited to wear an elegant dress that will match her renewed slender figure.

Sarah started crying on her wedding day as she wore her dress. She was still astounded with her new look. Sarah had her gastric mind band hypnotherapy at the Elite Clinic in Spain.

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