15 st Woman Slims Down to 7 st After Giving Up Just ONE Ingredient


Donna Docherty from Glasgow, Scotland, wore this size 20 dress for her wedding. But she is now down to half of her weight.

How did she do it?

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Donna confessed that she lived on takeaway foods during her teens and twenties. She survived on fish and chips for lunch and frozen ready meals for dinner. She would also snack on sweets and crisps and consumed six cans of Coca Cola daily.


With all those unhealthy foods absorbed by her body, she ballooned to 15 st 3 lbs. She tried dieting, but it wasn’t effective for Donna.


It was only in 2011 that the 31-year-old seriously made an effort to lose weight. She wanted to look a bit slender on her wedding. And on the day she walked down the aisle with husband, Kevin Docherty, she was wearing a size 20 wedding gown.

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