Size 18 Woman Who Turned Her Flabby Tum into a SIX PACK but Destroyed Her Marriage


An oversize woman named Angela Crickmore cracked up her marriage in exchange of her desire to lose weight through her new healthy lifestyle.

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The 36-year-old mother and a former property manager from London once weighed 82 kilos, and walking long distance was a bit tiring for her. Though she was naturally slim when she was still studying, she started gaining weight when she reached her twenties and she even considered to have a gastric bypass to regain her previous body.


Angela believed that an oversize figure was the outcome of her passive lifestyle. However she insisted that she was still happy with what she had despite her friends’ encouragement to lose some weight.

Her husband believed she’s beautiful enough, but she somehow became self-conscious when her family and friends began to pressure her about her looks.


As a couple, they used to enjoy doing nothing after work and visit their parents on weekends. However, Angela’s thoughts changed after she witnessed a friend walking through a thin door in December 2011.

It made her realize that she wanted to also lose weight and thought that she was capable of doing it. So she looked for some help online for some updated diets until she read an article that tells how people can easily lose weight if they eat every after three hours.


She knew she had to do something about her big body, and she had to figure if eating more can help her lose weight, like what the article dictated. She had to eat smaller amount of healthy foods. Angela became motivated when she happened to slowly see the result.

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She hired two trainers to help her out, but she was a bit shy to go to the gym so she would walk along the local park nearby instead. Her husband would always drive her to the park and wait for her there.

Although Angela wanted to jog, her weight was still a huge barrier for her to do such. So she had to walk for an hour every day until she was able to. She started hitting the gym without any hesitation after eight months.


Her whole new eating routine would require a different cooking regime and a different mind set about eating food.

“Being able to eat anything without gaining a pound, my husband and son Luy didn’t want to share my new eating habits, foods or even join the walks,” she said.

Angela stopped cooking for her husband and son and told them they had to cook for their own. Such act was what she called “self-protection mechanism,” which she had to do in order not to waste what she had started.

With her new body, she felt more confident and active. She discovered that she wanted to do more in life such as camping, travelling, and meeting new people.

However, Angela’s new lifestyle, although it had positive impact on her body, drew cracks on her relationship. She believed that she and her husband just had different priorities.

Angela’s nine-year-long marriage ended in separation. She’s now happily single, and Angela said that she did not regret anything for she’s truly happy with who she is today.

Angela now has her eyes on bodybuilding. She also got a degree in sports nutrition, in hopes of sharing her experience from losing weight by being a fitness coach.

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