Woman Who Only Ate Bread & Crackers Has Overcome Her Fears in Food By Taking Up Bodybuilding


Laura Levine, a 23-year-old woman from Northwich, Cheshire, has always been a picky eater – and not in a good way. For years, she only ate bread, crackers, and chips, because she had a certain phobia about food. So much so that she believes she is suffering from selective eating disorder – she cannot eat meat, fruit, vegetables, and neither can she drink water. Her diet, which is already limited enough as it is, also had to be perfect, as she gets sickened by different tastes and textures.

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She shared, ‘My safe food was all bland stuff, bread, crackers, and chips – and even then it depended on the look of the potato. If chips were over-cooked, I would have to pick the crispy ends off and just eat the middle because I couldn’t deal with crunchy stuff – anything hard or with bits is my worst nightmare – everything had to be smooth.”

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It’s not that she does not like eating – she wanted to. But her disorder has become so severe that ingesting other sorts of food made her feel unwell. “Any other tastes or textures were just so overwhelming they would repulse me. I think I’ve got sensitive taste buds because I can taste everything so strongly it makes me feel physically sick. I can’t even handle the taste of water and struggle to swallow it.”

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