‘World’s Fattest Woman’ Buys Her First Bikini After Shedding More Than 500 Pounds


Catrina Raiford once held the record of being the world’s fattest woman, tipping the scales at almost half a ton. She got so big and so heavy that she became bedridden for five years.

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worlds fattest woman

When her home was bulldozed to free her from her bed after suffering from breathing difficulties, things changed for Catrina, and she started going on a strict diet to lose weight. She ate small portions of lean meat, fruit, and vegetables, and with the help of specialists and light exercise, she lost about 300 pounds. After that, she went on to have a gastric bypass procedure.

She lost a total of 500 pounds all in all and now feels like a different woman. However, she still isn’t too comfortable with her skin, considering that she has a lot of excess skin to have to get rid of—about 140 lbs worth of it across her legs, stomach, and her arms.

Catrina shared how desperate she is to be rid of the excess skin that is weighing her down, especially that she also has medical complications. “I’ve just been diagnosed with cellulitis, an infection of the skin, after injuring my leg at the gym. Doctors say that I need to lose weight to stop injuring myself and having complications, but this heavy skin makes it so hard.”

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