18-Stone Former Cheerleader Is World’s Heaviest Pole Dancer


Mother-of-two Lulu, who weighs 252 pounds, has been shocking people with her pole dancing moves, and she now plans to become a professional dancer.

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LuAyne Brown may be double the size of other women, but she also has double the skills when it comes to pole dancing. LuAyne, who goes by the stage name Lulu, took up the sport a few years ago, and she says she’s never felt sexier. She can split, do upside-down elbow stands,  and all the other moves. According to Lulu, it’s “all in her locker.”


Lulu is from Maryland, USA. She had her first child in 2004 and she knew that her body would be different, so she decided to try something new. She was nervous walking into her first class. Now she says, “There is no other self confidence booster for people like me. I was instantly hooked and it was the first time I’d felt sexy in years.”


She wears a US size 22. After appearing on America’s Got Talent, she has become an online sensation. Videos of her incredible performances have been watched all over the world.


The former cheerleader now competes in pole dancing competitions. Her favorite moves are those that allow her to hang upside down or hang on to the pole using just her thighs. People assume she can’t do the moves, so they are always impressed by her during the flexibility rounds.

She explains her hobby, saying, “I don’t feel like I’m leading the way with body acceptance but I’m definitely part of the ship keeping things moving in the right direction. I’ll never be a size two and I’m cool with that. Why should it matter what size my hips are if I can dance?”

Lulu hopes to make pole dancing her full-time job, because if you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

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