‘World’s Heaviest Woman’ on a Mission to Shed 200 lbs to Marry Fiancé 17 Years Her Junior


The world’s fattest woman wants to marry her fiancé even though she is double his size, weighing a massive 764.4 pounds that makes her the world’s heaviest woman.

Charity Pierce, 38, needs to lose 200 pounds before the big day so she can undergo a gastric bypass operation that will save her life. With the help of her 22-year-old fiancé, Tony Saur, she has been able to lessen her caloric intake from 10,000 to 1,200 per day because she hopes to have her dream wedding.

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heaviest woman

Charity says she does not want to get married at home. She wants to walk down the aisle. Since they both love country music, she plans to wear a wedding dress, cowboy boots, and a hat, while Tony will be in jeans and boots. She wants to have the ceremony in a big area with lots of people. She’d like to dance all night and have a fabulous honeymoon.

Doctors have warned Charity, who has been housebound since 2001, that if she doesn’t take immediate action to reduce her weight, her life is in danger. She fears having a stroke or heart attack. Her ultimate dream is to be 196 pounds and to be able to marry Tony. She doesn’t want much, she just wants to have a life.

heaviest woman

Doctors brought a set of heavy duty scales to Charity’s house so she would have a clear idea of the challenge set before her. Charity is the heaviest woman on record. She beat Pauline Potter who weighed 643 in 2011 and last year lost 98 pounds.

When she saw the exact number of her weight on the scales, it was shocking. She did not think she was so big.

As she was growing up, Charity had struggled with weight issues and was a closet eater. She was unhappy in her family life, and eating was the only thing she had control over. She would sneak food into the house and hide the wrappers. At 13, Charity’s diet was full of cake, pizza, tacos, ice cream, and fast food. Her weight steadily increased, and she would be teased at school. She just pretended it wasn’t happening.

heaviest woman

As a 13-year-old, she weighed almost 280 pounds, but after giving birth to her daughter Charly, her weight doubled. In 2000, she slipped while going down the stairs and her left leg buckled beneath her weight. While she was in the emergency room, she was told it was a hematoma and it would dissolve back into her leg, but instead her leg kept getting bigger. She was then diagnosed with lymphedema.

In her struggle with disability, Charity turned to food for comfort and her weight just kept on rising and that makes her the heaviest woman.

heaviest woman

In 2005, she suffered another health setback, necrotizing fasciitis or a flesh-eating bacteria, and she had almost 30 pounds of tissue removed from her side.  After that, she developed lypmhedema in the back part of her hip. She also has wounds on her side that have not healed.

Over the years, the buildup of fluid in Charity’s leg has made her immobile and unable to care for herself. She depends on her daughter and Tony.

heaviest woman

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