‘World’s Heaviest Woman’ on a Mission to Shed 200 lbs to Marry Fiancé 17 Years Her Junior


Charity does not like being stuck at home because her life is very limited. She feels Tony and Charly are doing things they don’t have to do, like cooking and cleaning for her. Charly is scared of the idea of losing her mom, so she is helping by cooking healthy meals and encouraging her to lose weight.

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Before she started her diet in February 2014, Charity would eat cereal, two pizzas, two sandwiches, five doughnuts, two plates of lasagna, a big chocolate bar, a bowl of popcorn, and Pop-Tarts all in one day. Now she makes healthier choices like yogurts, banana with peanut butter, mixed vegetables, grilled chicken, vegetable pizza, and hummus with crackers.

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Tony is the younger brother of Charly’s dad, Jimmy. Charity met him at a party three years ago. They became friends, and after three months, they began a romantic relationship. She had first met Tony when he was a child, but they later reconnected at that party. They hit it off right away. Their age gap is not an issue.

Despite the taboo, the pair plans to get married as soon as Charity is able to undergo the gastric bypass. According to Charity, “When we first got together we were having sex up to four times a day, but since my lymphedema is so out of control, we hardly have sex at all. I would love my relationship to be more sexual.”

Tony says that Charity’s size is not a problem for him. In the beginning, he didn’t give it any thought. It was only when she became immobile that it has caused problems. It affects their intimate relations, which is difficult to deal with. He says he cannot wait to marry Charity.

He believes she will be a beautiful bride. He worries about her, but he is supportive of her weight loss goals. He knows that she can lose the weight and get the operation she needs.

In an effort to lose weight, Charity exercises for two hours every day and has a physical therapist who visits her three times a week. She exercises her arms by lifting three-pound weights and walks around the house to exercise her legs.

Charity did not have an easy time growing up. Her problems began as a child, growing up in a tough household with an alcoholic father. She coped by overeating.

Charity explains, “My dad was a drunk, and he was really strict with me. We didn’t get to go to our friends’ houses, didn’t get to go up the block—didn’t get to do much of anything. He controlled everything my family did, and the one thing I really felt that I had control over was what I ate.”

But things are now much happier as she gets ready to marry Tony.

She doesn’t want to get married in her house because it would make her feel like an outcast. Tony has given her hope, and she will do what it takes to change her life from heaviest woman to married woman.

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