When This YouTuber Rinsed Her Hair with Coca-Cola, This Happened

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In YouTube vlogger Ellko’s latest “Fail or Holy Grail” video, she tests one of the most talked about beauty myths: Coca-Cola hair rinse.

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Rinsing your hair with Coca-Cola is believed to make you achieve enviable beach curls. People have once claimed that it turns dull hair to more defined waves.

According to Hair.com,

“Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid. This means that the solution of Coca Cola has a very low pH level (Coca Cola Classic has a pH of 2.5). As an acidic solution, when applied to the hair, it causes the cuticle of the hair to contract (or tighten) and will make the hair appear smoother and shinier. This also means that the hair (particularly hair prone to curl) will have its natural curl enhanced.”

With that being said, it’s probably safe to say that the myth is true. So what exactly happened when Ellko applied the soda in her hair?


The results were as expected—she got the beach curls she wanted to achieve.

“Frankly, this is something I would actually do because it’s more easier than going over your hair with a waver or braiding it the night before,” Ellko says, giving the sweet treatment a Holy Grail.

Coca-Cola does give you more volume. Even celebrity Suki Waterhouse agrees! As bizarre as this beauty treatment seems, you might want to try doing it yourself.

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