14 Best Ways To Whiten Your Teeth



You’re never fully dressed without a smile. This line reminds us of how important smiling could be. But, if you have ugly yellow teeth, chances are you hardly smile at all. As a consequence, you lose confidence in yourself. In this article, we give you 14 effective ways to whiten your teeth without having going through those fancy dental treatments.


An apple a day keeps the dentist away. Apples exfoliate your teeth without you making lots of effort.


Carrots help keep your teeth’s shade of white as it acts as an exfoliant by removing signs of tooth decay.


Simply rub a strawberry on each tooth and rinse your mouth out the whiten your teeth.

Lemon Juice

Pour a small amount of lemon juice onto your toothbrush and brush your teeth as you normally do. Lemon can scrub off gunk and grim on your teeth.

Baking Soda

When it comes to teeth whitening, baking soda can work miracles. You can even use it to brush your teeth.



Cut Down in Your Coffee

Either go less on it or drink none of it. Try to skip your coffee habits for a week and notice how you teeth will slowly whiten.

Lessen Sugar Intake

Sugar causes your teeth to erode faster. By limiting sugar intake, you’ll notice how much your teeth look whiter.


Do away with if it’s possible. It’s slowly takes the spark in your teeth.

Say ‘No’ To Smoking

Nicotine from cigarettes is one culprit for you pearly whites to turn ugly yellow.

Brush your Teeth

Doing so for at least twice a day keeps bacteria off your mouth that leads to yellow stains in your teeth.



Rinse With Water

After every meal of a cup of coffee, make it a habit to rinse your mouth with water.

Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolve Strips

You don’t have to worry about taking them off your mouth as they dissolve in your teeth. What do you say of going to bed with it and getting fresh breath when you wake up in the morning?


Of course, you never want to be remembered by  your friends as the girl-with-that-something-stuck-between her-teeth. So floss twice a day.

Visit Your Dentist Regular Check-ups

Seeing your dentist once or twice a year will keep your teeth in tip-top care.


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