700-Pound Cyberbully …Gets Lesson on Life While Slimming Down

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Jesse Shand used to be one of those Cyber bullies tweeting, posting, and annoying other people online, but things have changed that turned his life upside down.

Jesse weighed nearly 700 pounds in May 2013, which forced him to just stay at home and become a recluse. Jesse thought that if his life was going downhill, he might as well bring other people with him.

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However,Jesse shared in a recent interview that he realized that someone’s bad deeds would almost always reflect something in their lives, especially when they actively try to bring others down.


When Jesse Shand opened up about how hard it is for him to live as an obese person,  some people in an online bodybuilding forum started helping him slim down by giving him exercise tips.

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Then things started to take an unbelievable turn. The people from the online community whom Shand bullied before lent a hand to help him lose weight. They have been helpful toward him, sending all kinds of support.

Somebody bought him an outdoor shower nozzle and a kiddie pool after he confessed that he hadn’t taken a bath in two years because of his size. Many users helped and encouraged him to pursue the change he deserved. They even taught him useful pointers on where to start when he wasn’t sure about what kind of exercises he should do.

At first, it took a while for people to convince Shand that he could conquer obesity and its effects on his health, but he eventually believed in them and just took in their pieces and advice and put them into action.



“Because I couldn’t really stand, they said I could just flop around and probably lose weight. I could dance sitting down. They gave me exercises to do while sitting. I told them what I would eat and they would tell me how to shave off a couple hundred calories. They were small steps I could actually take,” he said in an interview.

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In another interview, he stated that people convinced him that he could make it, that it wasn’t too late to lose weight. He used to have plenty of lame excuses just so he could escape them, but the netizens were very eager to help him, even walking him through the steps. They asked for updates, and he reported to them about his progress. And like what they always say, the rest is history.

Two years later, he lost more than half of his previous weight, weighing only 260 pounds. Jesse remarked that he couldn’t thank those people enough for helping him even when he was trolling them before.


Now Jesse drops by the gym every day at 4:30 a.m. before going to work. It seems like everything worked out according to plan. His goal now is to maintain a weight of 220 pounds and have surgery to remove the excess skin. He even started a GoFundMe campaign to seek financial help to make this procedure a success. So far, he has earned more than $10,000.



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