Twins Go Through the Same Surgeries to Become Identical Artificial Dolls

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Sara and Emma Koponen do everything together, and they make sure they stay similar too.

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The two are in fact identical twins. While it has been a proven fact that not even a pair of twins can look exactly like other other, these girls are ready to push the boundaries. They have spent more than $200,00 in surgery to ensure that all their features remain the same as each other.


Their surgeries include lip filler injections and three breast enhancement, increasing their cup sizes from an A to a 32E. The 25-year-olds also have the same exercise regime and diet.


The girls made the big move from Sweden to Marbella, Spain, where they sought out to be the perfect image they had in mind.


Sara says, “As twins, we have to look the same, people expect it and we love the attention.

“We are both obsessed with body modification, but we make sure we both do the exact same things otherwise we run the risk of not matching.”


The twins aren’t planning to stop their venture to perfection. They are now planning to have bum implants, teeth veneers, and nose jobs.

They both share a goal to resemble “artificial dolls,” as Emma calls them. “It’s important for us to make our dreams come true—and the main thing too is that we do it all together.”


Things weren’t always this way, as Emma and Sara were more into sports than being obsessed with their looks.


“We were shy and preferred playing basketball to chasing after boys. From a young age, we dreamed about changing our appearance.”

As the girls grew older, they gradually began to want to change their appearances.


Sara recalls of a girl in class that they both fixated on. So they made a pact to get boob jobs to mask their insecurity. The procedure did not come cheap, the pair had to get a bank loan to actually pay for their first boob jobs.

While it did get them the attention they wanted,  their father was not pleased.

“Dad told us he was disappointed in us, but our mum approved, and our friends were jealous.”


The following year, the girls opted for an even bigger breast size, and eventually they ended up with super-sized cups.

“We went back to the surgeon and said we still didn’t feel big enough. He told us he could take us to an E-cup—but no bigger,” Sara shared.


There was a series of mixed reactions that came after the twins enhanced themselves again. People were giving them stares, and even members from their own family were not too thrilled about their appearance.

Both Sara and Emma have also been the subject of bullying in public, with people calling them disrespectful names to their faces.


When the girls hit the party scene in Spain’s Costa del Sol in 2011, they were once again fascinated with enhancing their features. This time, they had lip fillers to plump up their puckers.

“The work we have done is for us. It’s not about getting men to like us, it’s about becoming our idea of perfection,” Sara said.


As much as the girls are ravishing in their confidence, they do feel bad when compared to one another.

Sara shared, “Sometimes people compare us, which can be hard to hear. They might say ‘Emma is a bit slimmer, or she’s better.’ There’s always a bit of competition between us, you always want to be the one looking the best.”


Their exercise regime consists of hitting the gym every day and finishing a two-hour workout routine. They actually eat food at the same time in order to maintain the same weight.

Now if you don’t think that’s bizarre enough, the girls share more than just a surname and physical features. They also have the same friends, the same phone, and the same choice of clothing.


The twins are both single and have no plans in sharing a boyfriend.

Sara shared of a particular instance when her sister entered a relationship. “When Emma had a boyfriend last year, I hated him because I felt like he came between us. And he resented me for being in the way.

“But Emma has decided that if one of us gets married, the other one will come and live with them. It’s just the way it has to be.”


If there is one last thing that these two can possibly share in common, it is the goal to be fully artificial dolls.

“It’s very important for us to make our dreams come true, and we have many things we want to do with our body to change it,” Emma added.


However, these girls have no plans to have their daughters do what they’re doing. But at the same time, they are unapologetic with their decisions in life and ignore any criticism thrown their way.

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