13 Big Lottery Winners Who Ended Up Losing All Their Winnings

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As the Powerball jackpot continues to grow by the numbers, someone is bound to share or take the whole prize of more than a billion dollars.

If you happen to be counting the many ways you can use the winning cash, then do so wisely. Take a cue from these 13 lottery winners whose luck ultimately ran out.

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Donna Mikkin

Winnings: $34.5 million

The winner of the New York State Lottery way back 2007 lost all her wins due to what she calls an “emotional bankruptcy.” The realtor chronicles on how winning all that money made her initially happy but later on realized how unhappy her family has become.

Sandra Hayes

Winnings: $224 million

Sandra Hayes won the Powerball jackpot in Missouri last 2006. She split the money with 12 of her co-workers but did not retire right away. In an interview with The Associated Press, Hayes said that she noticed a lot of change with the people around her. Her friends and family became greedy and ultimately took advantage of her. To top it off, strangers started to show up in her own home, asking for assistance.

Although Hayes had a millionaire’s money, she ultimately learned that she still needed to budget. Nowadays, she has traded a lavish lifestyle to a simple one filled with gardening and fishing trips.

Abraham Shakespeare

Winnings: $30 million

The story of American laborer Abraham Shakespeare who went from penniless to lottery winner to murder victim is a sad one. Shakespeare was murdered after winning the $30 million dollar jackpot by a woman named Doris “DeeDee” Moore, who deceived the man after claiming to be writing a book about him. Shakespeare was murdered by being shot in the chest two times and buried beneath a slab of concrete. His story continues to be the perfect example of how greed can get the best of everyone.

Jack Whittaker

Winnings: $315 million

Unlike Shakespeare, Jack Whittaker was already a millionaire when he won the lottery. Although he did do good things like donating a hefty amount to charity and to the sales clerk who sold him the winning ticket, Whittaker couldn’t escape the demons that surrounded him. Not only did he lose his daughter and granddaughter from a drug overdose, but thieves stole $545,000 from his car outside a strip club while he was inside.

Ibi Roncailoli

Winnings: $5 million

Ibi Roncailoli had been living comfortably with her husband, Joseph, as he held a professional job prior to the lottery win. But things took a dark turn when Ibi was found dead in their mansion and Joseph was held responsible. Turns out, Ibi had been using the money for gambling and that her marriage with Joseph wasn’t entirely a happy one.

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