$14 Million Penthouse Made Exclusively for the Rich and Famous


Here is one perfect apartment for the rock stars, supermodels, athletes, and of course, the rich and the famous – the $14 million glass penthouse.

Located at 497 Greenwich Street, this luxurious penthouse has a beautiful living room that boasts a stunning view of the sunset and sunrise.

Designed by Winka Dubbeldam, a New York-based Dutch architect, this triplex also has epoxy floors that are made from reclaimed wood from a barn in Missouri, which is more or less already 150 years-old. Aside from that, it has staircases and slanted curtain glass walls that lead to the elevated dining area.

It also has an outdoor kitchen that features a variety of leisure opportunities.

Member of the Leonard Steinberg team, Kane Manera, described the place as, “If there ever was a trophy apartment, this is it. It’s something to be proud of. It’s more than a home. It’s architecture as art”.

Jonathan Carroll, a building developer and owners, was set to live here. But, eventually, he changed his mind and sold the unit instead. He worked with architect Sally Rigg, who is born in Australia, in order to turn the 3,500-square feet indoor space into a state-of-the-art abode.

In this glass-walled penthouse, there is no shortage of natural light.




“There is taste everywhere you look,” Manera said. “You almost hope the right buyer gets to live here. Someone who loves life.”

The apartment has been visited by a number of personalities already, including Mick Rock, a rock ‘n’ roll photographer, and Daniel Benedict, a socialite. Also, a film premiere party was scheduled here.

“The last party was supposed to end at 8 p.m.,” Manera said. “We had to cut the champagne off at midnight. With all the outdoor space and levels, the place is made for entertaining.”

Hill Harper has also been through the penthouse.

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