20 Fascinating Facts about Dubai – the City of Luxury

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Dubai is undeniably one of the most grandiose cities in the world for they always have something luxurious that makes all of us feel envious and stunned.

Dubai is the most crowded city in the United Arab Emirates that is located in the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. It is among the two emirates in the country that have veto power over crucial matters regarding national importance in the legislature of the country. Other than that, there are other interesting facts you need to know about the city. We have listed 20 of them below:

1. Dubai is a fast-improving city.


2. Bentley, Ferrari, and Lamborghini are among Dubai’s police cars.


3. Dubai is planning to build a 50 million square foot climate-controlled indoor city.


4. There are incidents in Dubai, in which foreign women visiting the city for business purposes, gets raped and then jailed after reporting the case.

Dalelv reacts as she arrives at Sandefjord Airport

5. In Dubai, it is common to see wild animals in the passenger seat of luxurious cars.




6. Omar Borkan Al Gala, a Journalist form Dubai, was asked to leave Saudi Arabia for being “too handsome”.


7. One out of five cranes is located in Dubai.


8. In order to create the artificial Palm Islands, Dubai imported lots of sand, enough to fill 2.5 Empire State Buildings.


9. Oil sales only constitute 6% of the city’s economy.


10. The Burj Al Arab used enough gold on the inside, enough to cover 46,265 Mona Lisa paintings.




11. 85% of Dubai’s population is foreign.


12. In Dubai, robots are used in multi-million dollar camel racing tournaments.


13. Because of the height of the Burj Khalifa, its residents had to wait longer to eat breakfast during Ramadan.


14. About 40% of the gold trade in 2013 happened in Dubai. All in all, it weighed about 354 elephants.


15. The police of Dubai has a bagpipe band.




16. 39% of the Burj Al Arab hotel is uninhabitable because it is too expensive.


17. There were only 13 cars in Dubai in 1968.


18. The Burj Khalifa can be seen from about 90 kilometers away.


19. The highest tennis court in the world is found in Dubai.


20. All the bust stops in Dubai are air conditioned and enclosed.


In 2012, Dubai was listed as the 22nd most expensive city in the Middle East. And, in 2014, the hotel rooms in the city were ranked as the second most expensive. This only means that if you are planning to visit Dubai, make sure you take lots of cash with you.



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