World’s Most Amazing Abandoned Airports and the Stories Behind Them

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There are millions of people who spend a lot of time travelling all over the world, so airports have a certain fascination surrounding them. Here are some incredible abandoned airports around the world and the stories they hide.

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Castellon-Costa Azahar Airport in Spain

Officially opened in March 2011, it costs 150 million euros (over $170 million US dollars). It hasn’t been used by a single plane. Not one has landed or taken off from the Castellon-Costa Azahar Airport. The quirky statue in the photo was built in honor of Carlos Fabra, a local politician, who was responsible for the airport’s construction. He is now being investigated for corruption and tax evasion.

Johnston Atoll Airport in the USA

This airport was built on a small island in the Pacific Ocean just a couple hundred miles from the state of Hawaii. This airport operated as a military base and was home to 400 men with its own underground. This was attacked by the Japanese during World War II.

Stapleton International Airport in the USA

The Stapleton International Airport was operating from 1929 until 1995. It was replaced by Denver International. A storm in July of 1997 caused damage to the structure, so only the old control tower now exists.

Croydon Airport in England

This airport was known as one of only three pre-World War II airports in Europe. This is the first airport with traffic control. Some famous figures to have walked through the airport are Winston Churchill and Amy Johnson.

Marine Corps Air Station El Toro in the USA

Located in the California Desert, this airport was where the film Independence Day was shot. This airport was closed in 1999.

RAF Binbrook in England

This airport was used by bombers in World War II, and it continued to be in use until the 1980s.

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