10 Things You Should Know About Driverless Cars

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Just like airplanes that may be set to autopilot, modern cars may now run without a driver. And yes, this is the beginning of the future of driving.

Of course, it is normal to see people rushing around in their cars just to get to work or to get errands done. However, in some other days, people encounter accidents, which makes the usual traffic situation quite congested.

Now that driverless cars are here, could the traffic situation get any better? Find out more about this by reading the facts we have below:

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Driverless Cars Will Only Make Traffic Congestion Worse

1st Avenue traffic

Based on initial tests, it was known that driverless vehicles will only cause traffic jams that are worse than what we see today. However, it was said that if these cars become famous in the market, owners will enjoy a more comfortable driving experience.

Automatically-Driven Cars May Offer a Number of Perks Over Time

car park

By the time these cars are adapted by many, it is expected that everyone will enjoy big advantages, such as a decrease in the number of car accidents. This is because these vehicles are more reliable and faster compared to human drivers.

Despite Its Perks, There Are Also Disadvantages of Having These Cars on the Road

Google Driverless Cali

Among the biggest problems of having these cars is the liability for damage. The reason for this is that operators will have to give up full control of the vehicle to the computer.

Google Is The Only Manufacturer of Driverless Cars

Google Self-Driving Car

In the United States, Google is getting widespread media coverage for their development of self-driving cars. They publicized testing with existing car brands, such as Lexus SUVs and Toyota Priuses. Although the design is made uniquely by Google, there are other automotive companies that are also conducting research and investing in such technology.

This Google Vehicle Does Not Have Any Steering Wheel Or Pedal

Google Self-Driving Car

Based on the design created by the company, Google was able to create a self-driving car with no steering wheel, no accelerator, and no brake pedal. They did this to make the experience of driving less threatening or intimidating to users.

Cameras, Laser Technology, and Mature Radar Are Used in these Cars

Toyota self-driving car - Consumer Electronics Show - CES 2013 - Las Vegas

Up to now, all the driverless cars that are introduced to the public by Google are using radars, cameras, and laser technology. These are installed to serve as a guide for the vehicle.

The Google Driverless Car is Expected to Come Out as Early as 2015

Self driving car

Google stated that the company aims to launch their self-driving car on 2015. The first batch will only be about 200 vehicles.

The Google Car Runs as Fast as 25 Miles Per Hour

Google Robocar Racetrack Ride

Google aims to release their self-driving vehicle in urban areas. And the top speed of their prototype is 25 miles per hour.

The First State to Allow Driverless Cars on the Road is Nevada

storm on us50

Nevada was the very first state to give Google a testing license to have their driverless cars on the state’s roads. The second state was Florida, and followed by California.

Mercedes Benz F 015 Is the Coolest Driverless Car Ever

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion (2015)

Mercedes Benz has the coolest driverless car to date with their Mercedes Benz F 015 car. It is made with both class and comfort in mind.

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Now that you know much about these driverless cars, do you plan to get one for yourself? Regardless of your decision, make sure you are prepared to adapt to changes in the style of driving.


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