This Electric ‘Go-Cart’ Breaks World Record by Going 0-62 MPH in Just 1.7 Seconds


This small electric car has just become the world’s fastest accelerating vehicle despite looking more like a souped-up go-cart than a record-breaking racer.

The Green Team Formula Student electric racing car E0711-5 smashed the previous record by 0.006 seconds after accelerating from 0–100km/h (0–62mph) in 1.779 seconds. The vehicle is faster than a Formula One racing car or the world’s fastest road car—the Bugatti Veryon—and was developed by the engineers at the University of Stuttgart in Germany.

Although the Guinness Book of World Records is yet to officially verify the time, it will make it the fastest acceleration an electric car ever achieved once confirmed.

The team said on their Web site, “After a hard day, we made the final time of 1,779 s from 0–100 km/h, which is, after (pending) evaluation of Guinness World Records, the fastest acceleration of an electric car.” Prisca Schmid, 22, the driver, added, “The acceleration feels like a roller coaster, except that you can control it.”

The team’s spokesman, Lothar Bloschies, said, “We were very happy when we finally broke the record in last minute. The team worked together just perfectly, and we wouldn’t have come this far without that teamwork.”

Forty students at the University of Stuttgart developed the car to help them compete at the Formula Student Electric competition, a joust that dares students to manufacture a single-seat race car to compete against teams from around the world.

Later this summer, the competition is due to be held in Hockenheim in Germany. A group of Swiss engineers managed to break the world acceleration record from a standstill with their vehicle called Grimsel, which achieved it in 1.785 seconds last year.

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The car was driven by student Priska Schmid (pictured) at the Jade Weser Airport Airport in northern Germany

Pictured above is student Priska Schmid as he drives the car in northern Germany at the Jade Weser Airport.

The vehicle, with a weight of 168 kilograms, was able to hit 100km/h (62mph) within 30 meters. But Green Team’s vehicle now broke their record during tests with the use of carbon composite materials to reduce the weight of their car and new battery technology. Their vehicle is loaded with a full-body aerodynamics package, electric and mechanic braking, all-wheel drive, and a sophisticated suspension.

It is with the help of composite materials to reduce the weight of their car and the latest battery technology that the team successfully beat the the previous world record.

Green Team’s technical project manager, Benedikt Bauersachs, revealed that choosing the right driver had also been an important part of breaking the new record. “The driver has to be light and have the cars at this extreme acceleration under control. To reach the speed, we only need 25 meters and get a force of 1.8 G. That is almost twice the force of a free fall.” he explained. The power to weight ratio their vehicle produces 1.6kg/kW. By comparison, the Bugatti Veyron produces 2.08kg/kW, while Formula 1 racing cars produce 1kg/kW.

Below are some photos taken during the record-breaking race.

The small car’s wheels are powered by four motors and a 6.62kWh battery.

The electric car beat the previous record by 0.006 seconds.

Their official time of 1.779 seconds is faster than a Formula One race car.

To properly achieve the acceleration record, the vehicle needed to achieve runs in both directions. However, before it an be officially recognized, the Guinness Book of World Records has to verify it first.

Forty  students at Stuttgart University in Germany manufactured the car for the GreenTeam. A couple of the engineers who participated in the project can be seen in the picture above during the record attempt date.

Watch closely this awesome electric car below

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