Forget Shovels, This Guy Proves He Has the Best Snowplow in Town


Are you having problems with huge piles of snow in your neighborhood? If so, then why don’t you do what Dan Comeau did.

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Comeau built his very own snowplow using not the usual truck but his own minivan and a bunch of items that he could scrounge up. What makes it amazing is that it actually works well, if not better than the typical plow.

The main parts of his homemade contraption are a bumper, a tailgate beam from a pick-up truck, and an angle iron, combined with a couple of other stuff he found at home.


With Comeau’s makeshift snow plow, you’ll no longer have to deal with piles of white fluff the old-fashioned way. This makes things easier and a whole lot faster. Before clearing the snow with a shovel causes you more trouble, try this ingenious invention.

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