Introducing the Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder GT S


Some say that this is a match made in heaven. The American company, Cigarette Racing Team, has recently paired up with the German company, Mercedes-AMG to bring you a powerful beast of a concept boat called the Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder GT S. It has been nicknamed the incarnation of the new Mercedes-AMG GT S sports car.

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Credit Cigarette Racing Team.

It has been designed based off the exclusive AMG Solarbeam color with matte black highlights.

Credit Cigarette Racing Team.

This super-cruiser boasts dual Mercury racing engines that pump out over 3000 horsepower ad the top speed is estimated at a whopping 135 MPH.

There is no denying that this boat is not only absolutely stunning to look at, but it is a force to be reckoned with on the water.

Credit Cigarette Racing Team.

Credit Cigarette Racing Team.

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