Shell City-Car Has A Concept That Looks Like It Was Designed With Ronald McDonald In Mind


Shell is the latest company to offer efficient, city cars that burns petroleum.

The model, which looks like something Ronald McDonald would use, is part of Shell Oil’s project M, designed using formula 1 technology and constructed from recycled carbon fiber.

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Designed to burn petroleum, the car has a top speed of only 68 mph. However, if not used at its full speed, running at only 43 mph, 2.6 liters of petrol could last for 62 miles – that’s less than a gallon for 100 kilometers worth of land coverage.

While not too earth-shattering, it is pretty impressive for a non-hybrid. The added efficiency is thanks to the lubricating engine oil made by the company.

Shell’s Technology Manager for Innovation and project head Bob Mainwaring said, “You could build this car and drive it for around 100,000 kilometers before consuming the same energy it takes to make a typical SUV.”

An energy-saver, it should be. The tiny car has a jet-fighter, cockpit style door with cameras instead of rearview mirrors,  and a single windshield wiper. It’s quirkiness and color scheme make drivers think it’s designed specifically for Ronald McDonald.

While it is nice to see these oil companies branching out to make more efficient ways of getting around, it does make you wonder why they can’t invest in other platforms, such as battery tech.

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