This Is The Only Vehicle That You Would Ever Need To Survive an Apocalypse …This Thing is Crazy!



This 18-ton megatruck will be your best defense against the hordes of cannibalistic corpses (zombies) or some kind of Mad Max dystopian horror desert in the near apocalyptic future.

Introducing, the XRS 7200. The most beautiful, most awesome, and most useful equipment against the apocalypse.


The vehicle has tables, counters, an induction cooktop, LED lighting, and a BOSE home theater. It features a fully-functional bathroom with bidet toilet, shower, sink, and a washer-dryer unit. The interior is fitted with wood paneling, floors, and metal accents.


Pretty cool, huh? Now, you don’t have to worry about the apocalypse coming anymore, because the XRS 7200 has got you, your family, and your friends covered.


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