TopCar Stinger Porsche GTR Carbon Edition Will Blow Your Mind


 A new kind of Porsche is taking the world by storm, and its unique and awesome design will simply blow you away.
 The world renowned auto tuning company TopCar might have given the Stinger Porsche quite a makeover that is simply beyond anyone’s expectations. One of the main changes that this was replacing 90 percent of the car’s exterior with the lightweight and exceptionally durable carbon material.
The Stinger Porsche GTR Carbon Edition is one of the most talked about models of today and there are several reasons why this is so. This mean looking Porsche 911 is fitted with the latest in carbon technology the first ever model of its kind. Aside from the added durability one gets from its new carbon fiber parts, the model also has a gold interior.
The model boasts a 24K gold elements along with the Nappa leather and the custome made ADV.1 forged wheels. Generally the car has  bolder and more aggressive than any typical Porsche 911 model in the market. Aside from the modified front, it even has a new bumper and a bumper and splinter package.
With so many world class and high cost materials found in this new model, it does not come as a surprise that this comes with a hefty price tag to match. The world’s  first Carbon Edition model is currently for sale and valued at a whopping €290,000.Anyone up for this amazing model?

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