This Water-Powered Motorbike Runs Up to 310 Miles on a Single Liter


There is a water-powered motorbike that has the ability to travel up to 310 miles — on a liter of water.

The “T Power H2O” motorcycle, created by Sao Paulo-based public officer Ricardo Azevedo is turning heads as his innovation can save people a lot on gasoline. Not only can he use water to power his mode of transport — he can use polluted water in it, as well.

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Ricardo’s cool motorbike concept design features a combination of water and a single external car battery, which is used to produce electricity that helps separate hydrogen from the water molecules. The process involves a pipe system that results in a combustion, creating the necessary energy to power his bike.

In a video, Ricardo was shown demonstrating his innovative motorcycle, drinking from a bottle of water, then pouring the rest of the contents to the vehicle’s fuel tank to prove that he was indeed, using water and not some form of fuel.


Later in the clip, he proved how sustainable his bike is by filling the bike with a bottle of water from the polluted river, showing that yes, the bike can still run properly despite dirty water being used in it.

“The advantage of this motorcycle, which works with the hydrogen that comes from the water, is that the result that comes out of the exhaust is water vapor,”the inventor said. “This is different from gasoline, which the result is carbon monoxide.”


If this motorcycle goes into mass production, it will be a cheaper way to get around town, and it’s even environmentally friendly. What do you think about this new water-powered motorcycle?

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