World’s Most Extravagant Limousines Showcased in Photos



People love cars, especially men, and everyone understands that. What’s more satisfying than going on a ride with the four-wheeled thing that is the proof of all your labor. But while some people are still left with no choice but to start every day waiting for the bus or join the big crowd to take the train, some car owners are spending lavishly to buy more cars or customize their old ones. Some even took it to the level of making the stretched ones, which we call the limousines. These limousines, already big and extravagant enough for their size and features inside, are made even more extraordinary. Here are photos of some of the most over-the-top limos to have ever graced the road.

This is a limo from the 60s and 70s. It’s even elegant enough already.

Even James Bond would want to own one of these limos. And perhaps, the one with fire will be perfect for Ghost Rider. He’ll have to give up his motorcycle.

What’s more extravagant than the longest limo ever? The limousine American Dream (pictured below) is owned by Jay Ohrberg from California, United States, and is the world’s longest limousine, expanding 100 feet in length. It holds the Guinness Book of World Records certificate for the world’s longest car.



What makes limos expensive are what they hide inside. They seem to be a cage for all the things outrageous. Some of the things inside a limo are fireplace, television sets, disco lights, and a club. A party inside a limo is never less exciting than the one in an actual nightclub.




Sorry, the one above kind of got into the wrong way of stretching.



Some of the old limos, like the ones, above were made for special purposes. Some of them were made to carry a big number of passengers at once. The design of the limo, as history speaks, helps secure privacy for the passengers. This is why the driver is positioned in a way that he cannot hear what the people he works for are talking about.

But what is more exaggerated than the things that were actually born from millions of dollars. Here are photos of some of the most expensive limos in the world, including the one that was used to transport US Pres. Barack Obama.





This shining-bright-like-a-diamond limousine is apparently made of gold. This is owned by the sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah, who also holds the world record for the largest collection of cars. Bolkiah’s limousine costs a whopping $14 million. It is embedded with 24-carat gold, all pure.

Extravagant as they may seem, it isn’t actually impossible for you to take a ride on one of these. Some of the limos today are available for rent. So if you are planning a nigh out with your buddies, call a limo and have the most luxurious party of your life.


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