Take On an Out-of-This-World Sea Adventure Aboard This Yacht Shaped Like a UFO


If people want to go on a sea adventure, they either go by ship or by boat. But if you find that too mainstream, why not venture on a trip on the sea aboard this yacht shaped like a UFO—yes, an unidentified floating object.

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The design team from Italy has created a brand-new concept for a watercraft. As you can tell by its appearance alone, it’s quite clear where they got the inspiration from. It has two half-spherical shells, which work as passenger compartments and they are divided by a floating disc that also works as a sundeck.

Designed by Naples-based marine architects and builders Jetcapsule, the UFO was designed as a two-story floating house with a waterline length of 131 feet and a disc measuring 41 feet. Guests would be able to head down to the lower shell to admire sea creatures or take shower. They could also relax in a lounge that is located in the upper fiberglass shell.

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