Cloud 9, Fiji’s Pizzeria and Your New Dream Restaurant to Visit Soon


All of us have our list of dream restaurants to visit before we die and our reasons for wanting to go there could be a lot of different things. It could primarily be the food, but it could also be the location and the drinks. So, what about if there is a restaurant that offers you the best location in the world as well as food and drinks that are to die for, would you add that to your list?

Well, you just might. You will never be able to resist Cloud 9, a pizzeria floating right on the azure waters of Fiji, just over the Ro Ro Reef.

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This two-story restaurant, which features music, a bar and lounging areas, can only be accessed by boat. From Port Denarau, you can get here in 2 hours by boat or in 45 minutes by speedboat. Only accessible by boat, this floating speck of a restaurant can be reached in two hours by a regular boat from Port Denarau, or in 45 minutes by speedboat. There are departure areas that may be closer, as well.


People, young and old, are welcome to this restaurant, which can accommodate as many as 100 people. While waiting for your made-to-order pizza, you can take a dip in Fiji’s cool waters or you can choose from the types of water sports they are planning to offer to visitors, which include jet-skiing and snorkeling, among others.


Once your order arrives, you can stay and lounge on the deck. You can also stay at the bar, where cocktails and smoothies are on the menu.


So, is this a restaurant you can dream of visiting one of these days? We are sure you are nodding your head vigorously at that question.

Yes, we can definitely see ourselves here.

And, if you are wondering how Cloud 9 is able to keep their waters so clean, then you have to know that it abides by very stringent environmental standards. All their food and septic waste are collected and placed in tank, which is ferried by boat and composted at the Mamanuca Environmental Society gardens.

This means that not only is this restaurant the perfect place to spend an idyllic afternoon or evening, while gorging on pizza and delicious drinks, it is also very concerned about keeping the Fiji seas clean and clear. Now, if this is not a dream restaurant for you, we will never know what is.

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