12 Travel Destinations with the Clearest, Bluest Waters

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Have you ever wondered why some places have crystal clear water and other places have cloudy water? There can be many different reason for the variations in water clarity all over the planet. Mostly, the sediments and the organic material content of the water are the main factors in how clear or cloudy it is. In the southern coast of California, the water tends to not be very clear because of the sedimentation of the ocean floor in that region.

Hawaii and the Bahamas have different quality of water because those sediment particles are not as dispersed in their waters. The coral reefs surrounding the islands also help to keep the water clear because they help the bottom-dwelling particles to remain on the ocean floor.

Only scientist will know for sure the reasons behind nice water and murky water, but I think we can all agree that the best places to swim have water that is immaculate. Clear beach waters are just a breathtaking sight to see, especially if you don’t see it a lot. If you are planning on taking a holiday, here are some places that have the best ocean waters.

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Algarve, Portugal

This is part of the southernmost region of Portugal, and it has some of the most beautiful waters on the globe.

Wakatobi, Indonesia

This is a popular diving spot in Indonesia. The clear water here gives off a peaceful and tranquil vibe. You can find wildlife, resorts, and the Wakatobi National Park all in one place.

Nylon Pool, Tobago

This place, just off Pigeon Point, has amazing water with white sand beaches.

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