25 Photos That Prove Donald Trump Is Ridiculously Wealthy


Donald Trump may be getting a lot of bad press, but ironically it has only strengthened his presence in the presidential elections. Polls show that Trump’s popularity is surging in number, so he might as well add American President in his long list of so called “achievements.”

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But Trump is more than just about ambitions and controversy, before becoming a front-runner for the Republican race to the White House, he was born with money already in his hands and lived with it his whole life.

Take a look below at some photos that prove just how rich The Donald really is.

1. Pre-toupee Donald and his luxury Rolls Royce


2. Forget the presidential chopper, Trump has ridden many of his own already


3. Trump invested on a $20 million golf course within Washington, DC


4. Trump also owns a fleet of luxurious limos


5. Not to mention his very own plane with his name stamped on it


6. Look at that luxury interior!


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