Expensive Shoe Brands

The Most Expensive Shoe Brands in the World


There’s a famous quote that goes, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and watch her conquer the world.” Shoes are definitely an important part of an outfit. Other than the fact that it protects the feet, it also adds a certain touch to your look. Don’t believe us? Go ask Cinderella and Dorothy then.

But just how far are people willing to go just for a pair of shoes? If you’ve rolled your eyes over expensive basketball kicks before, then wait until you get to the end of this list of the most expensive shoe brands on earth.You may not be a self-confessed “shoe person,” but you’ll find it amusing to see how much money people actually spend on a pair of leather for their feet.

Shoe-ly Moly: Expensive Shoe Brands That Will Shock You

You’ve probably never heard of some of these brands before! So without keeping you waiting any longer, here is a list of the most expensive shoe brands in the world.

8. Walter Steiger—from $500

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Walter Steiger founded this company in Geneva back in 1932. His namesake brand is known for its eccentric design that fits straight right in fashion runways. Walter Steiger has opened swanky shops all around Milan, London, and New York and caters to the needs—or wants—of the rich to the super elite. The brand offers designs for both men and women. Amusingly enough, it is actually the most affordable shoe line on this list with pairs starting at $500.

7. Brian Atwood—from $1,345

Brian Atwood opened his flagship store in 2001 in Midtown Manhattan. The former model turned designer was actually the first American to work for Gianni Versace. During his foray into the designer shoe industry, Atwood was named the Shoe Designer of the Year in 2010 and 2011 by the Red Carpet Fashion Awards. His signature line is a staple for the New York elite, with his Alexa suede boots retailing around $1,345 when it was first introduced to the public.

Atwood’s designs are noted for their texture, bold hues, and eye-catching looks. Now if you don’t have $600 and more to shell out, Atwood has a budget line of shoes known as B Brian Atwood, which was put up in partnership with fellow shoe designer Steve Madden.

6. Jimmy Choo—from $1,395

You didn’t think you’d make it past an expensive shoe list without Jimmy Choo, did you? This designer brand has been beloved by celebs everywhere. A-listers including Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna have rocked a pair or two while on the red carpet.

The brand was started by Malaysian designer Jimmy Choo, who learned the art of shoemaking from his father. From a humble shoemaker to an internationally renowned designer, Choo has managed to build a name for himself in the fashion scene and be called one of the industry’s elite. His most recent design is a pair of Hologram mesh booties that retail at $1,395.

5. Alexander McQueen—from $1,645

The late Alexander McQueen is an icon in the designer industry. He began his career as a theater costume designer, something that is apparent in his designer label. McQueen’s shoe and clothing pieces are known for their sixteenth-century style mixed with a more contemporary feel. He released a $1,645 jeweled wedge shoes that stuck true to the visions of his label. But if you don’t have that much to spend—or aren’t keen on wearing something so bold—McQueen also offers more casual styles such as white sneakers and ballerina shoes.

Something that should be noted here is that following McQueen’s suicide, his creative director, Sarah Burton, was put in charge of the brand. Burton went on to design Duchess Kate Middleton‘s showstopping wedding gown during her marriage to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

4. Christian Louboutin—from $3,095

Ah, the signature red sole. Anyone with an eye for designer labels already knows the name Christian Louboutin by heart. The French designer brand is the label of choice for women in power. Its powerful yet feminine design is definitely a step above the rest of the brands on this list. Louboutin’s most recent pair is a Sexy Strass that came with a $3,095 price tag.

3. Gucci—from $3,750

Gucci is the ultimate designer brand for the rich and famous. You’re going to have to look closely before spending money on anything Gucci, though, as it’s one of the most pirated brands in the industry! One of their most notable pieces is the Sofia Etoile Shoes that retail for about $1,195.

If you’re looking for anything that goes higher, there’s always Gucci’s Woven Leather Boots that are priced somewhere between $3,500 and $4,000. It’s safe to say that Gucci is an unapologetically exclusive brand for the elite, perfectly exemplifying the rich culture of Italian designer labels.

2. Manolo Blahnik—from $4,600

Manuel “Manolo” Blahnik Rodriguez is the Spanish fashion designer behind the eponymous high-end shoe brand. It may have dropped in terms of value, but Manolo will always be on any list of expensive shoe brands. The Blixa alligator pumps are enough to prove so, decking in at around $4,600 in value. If you want to purchase it (or you know, just be in the same room with a shoe the price of a vehicle), then you can head over to Barneys New York to check it out.

1. Stuart Weitzman—from $3 Million

American shoe designer Stuart A. Weitzman is credited as having the most expensive shoe designs in the world. The minimum price for his designs range from $400 to $800. Not too bad, right? Weitzman’s signature designs, however, have price tags that scare even the rich.

Take a look at some of his signature pieces below:

  • Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos: $500,000
  • Stuart Weitzman Marilyn Monroe Shoes: $1 Million
  • Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps: $1 Million
  • Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos: $1.09 Million
  • Stuart Weitzman Ruby Slippers: $1.6 Million
  • Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels: $2 Million
  • Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers: $2 Million
  • Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels: $3 Million

Bonus: Dorothy’s Ruby Shoes

Hold on, before you start shaking your head over Stuart Weitzman’s absurd prices, you should know that the line doesn’t carry the most expensive shoe in the world. That title goes to The House of Harry Winston’s Ruby Slippers. The Wizard of Oz–inspired pair is worth a mind-blowing $3.01 million!

The pair is actually a replica of the actual ones worn by Dorothy in the original 1939 film. It is made of 460 pieces of rubies and about 50 carats of Diamonds. Judy Garland, who portrayed Dorothy, was the only one who got to wear this magical pair. Interestingly enough, the shoe’s designer is Harry Winston, an American jeweler, which leaves him out of this list!

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