Five Reasons Why Google’s Android Wear is Better than Apple’s Apple Watch


One of the biggest technological breakthrough to ever hit the market is the smartwatch.

This technologically advanced timepiece has created quite a buzz since the very first model was released into the market. From LG’s Watch Urbane to the Moto 360, everybody’s focus seem to have shifted to two of the industry’s biggest names namely Apple and Google.

If Apple had the Apple Watch, then Google has the Android Wear.  Although, there may seem to be little differences between these two contenders, here are the top five reasons why Google is as incredible if not more than Apple’s very own Apple Watch.

1. Improved battery life




The Apple Watch is known to have a running time of approximately 18 hours. Like smartphone batteries, smartwatches’s batteries are put to the test particularly during day use. The latest update on the Android Wear is that it will save some battery life while prior updates have made gentle strides for this improvement to come to pass.


2. Google Keep is now a full-fledged Android Wear app


Android Wear turns Google Keep into a full-functioning app. Users can now scroll through and see all the notes they have taken to the archived ones that you do not need anymore. This handy app is great to have on your wrist while you are on the go.

3. Wi-Fi connectivity

android-wear-new.jpg Android Wear users will now have the convenience of accessing the Internet with its newest built in Wi Fi connection. This feature comes quite handy if you happen to leave your phone at home during the morning rush. What is great about this is that you will still receive notifications and even send messages.



4. Faster fluid communications

Another update to the Android Wear changes how you access your apps and send messages.  A tap of the watch face will bring your straight to your apps. A quick flick of the wrist will allow you to stream through your apps while emoji support now allows for drawing symbols on the watch face with your hand. How is this for fast and easy.



5. Always On


Previously your Android Wear smartwatch would revert back to its time face after a couple of seconds or minutes. Following the “always on” mentality of the rest of our devices, the app you have open on your wrist will now remain on until you decide to close it. To save battery life, the light will dim when your wrist is lowered.



How does the two compare? You be the judge.

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