Giving Birth in This Hospital Can Cost $1 Million


The Portland Hospital is one of the most expensive hospitals to give birth in. Their usual clients are the rich and famous from across the globe. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kate Winslet, and the Duchess of York were among those who chose to have their baby in this luxurious hospital.

Take a peek inside the most posh and expensive maternity hospital in London.

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Rooms Pricier Than the Ritz

Every year, an average of 1,600 women give birth at Portland hospital. They have 36 private rooms and suites of which the cheapest is $1,728 a night. The grander room, which costs $2,590, has a separate lounge room, extra bed, and adjoining bathroom complete with Molton Brown toiletries. Round-the-clock room service is available as well.

There is also a limited number of super-deluxe suites reserved just for VIPs and royalties, which have a minimum price tag of $3,022 a night—far more expensive than an executive suite at The Ritz hotel  in London, which only costs $1,295 a night.

Natural and midwife-led delivery are the cheapest in Portland at $14,395. While planned C-section, which is the most in-demand type of birth, costs twice at $28,790. On top of that, if the mom-to-be requested for an epidural, she must be prepared to shell out an additional $1,432. Induction is $906 and another $199 for forceps delivery.

Depending on the number of nights the patient stays in the hospital, Portland’s CEO Janene Madden says that some families have paid as much as almost $1 million.

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