Giving Birth in This Hospital Can Cost $1 Million


Redecorate Before the Birth

There are some patients who want to take the entire floor to themselves. The hospital can do that too. Privacy is not a problem as well because they have secret private entrances for guests who would like to be incognito.

In the BBC show featuring the Portland hospital, a Saudi princess sends her assistant ahead of her to the hospital to brief the hospital on her requests. She also hires an interior designer who would refurbish the rooms according to her taste.

She wanted to book four luxury suites: one for herself, one for the baby, one for family, and one for visitors.

The princess arrived in family-owned private jet with her entire little kingdom. She brought along her own cook, florists, maid, as well as her own decorative accessories, linens, and towels. The arrival of a new prince cost them about $360,000.

C-sections on Demand

In the BBC documentary on Portland hospital, it was seen that more than half of their patients are not prepared for the pain of natural labor so they opted for cesarean procedure.

One of the hospital’s consultants, Shazia Malik, is known for delivering a baby through cesarean  with little trace of scar.

During the making of the film, one patient, Chinese fashion designer Lu Hui admits that she doesn’t want to have a natural labor, she’s afraid it will hurt.

Celebrate with Afternoon Tea

In NHS hospitals, patients spend an average of 90p for breakfast; but in Portland, guests can order fresh fruit, pancakes, or a hot breakfast.

Portland offers one time complementary “celebration” meal to new parents. Most choose the sumptuous afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches, scones, and delightful pastries. After that, the guest can have whatever she wants at five-star hotel-like price.

The hospital’s catering service has nine chefs and is supervised by Sonia, who was pirated from the first-class hotel in London, the Dochester. They serve lobsters, oysters, foie gras, and Dom Perignon.

Can’t Sleep? Put the Baby in a Nursery!

In Portland, where patients pay sky-high bills, they must have the best services.

The hospital has three theaters, employed 50 midwives who are mostly trained and pirated from NHS, 21 nurses to care for the babies when mothers can’t.

When patients are paying tens of thousands of pounds for the Portland’s services, they expect the best.

Doreen, one of the midwives, says some mothers are very demanding. She tells, “That’s their way of life, they have everything done for them. If they ask for the baby to be changed, they want it done there and then.”

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