Unique Hotels in China Are Made Out of an Old Concrete Pipe

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Everyone dreams of having a no-expense-spared luxurious vacation, but there are very few people who can go off on holiday with an unlimited budget. We all want to have infinity pools, spas, butler service, and all the high-end service a place can offer. Few people think of China as somewhere to go for a grand vacation, especially rural China.

Travel can also be about simple pleasures and unique hotels or hostels to spend your nights.

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A innovative hotelier in Henan, Eastern China, has made a retreat for guests out of industrial tubing. The concrete circular pipes have been cut into fifteen separate structures that can hold two people and all are fitted with a double bed.

Some might consider such accommodations as “roughing it.”

Don’t worry, each unit has air-conditioning. The outside walls are also decorated with street art. This unique hotel allows guests to get a taste of the Chinese countryside.

If Henan was a country, it would be the twelfth-most populated on the planet. It would rank just behind Mexico. The owner of the hotel hopes that his quaint little place will attract the city slickers from the busy cities of China.

The capital of Henan, Zhengzhou, is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The capital alone has almost nine million people. Tourists heading to Henan would be happy to know that aside from businesses and smog of industrial areas, there are historic sites like the ruined capital of the ancient Shang Dynasty.

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