Take a Look Inside Britain’s Most Expensive Hotel where there are Three Staff to Each Guest



On the breakfast menu at The Lanesborough there is a quote from Lewis Carroll:

“Why, sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

However, your impossible thought may be about how you will settle your bill, since it is Britain’s most expensive hotel. It overlooks Hyde Park Corner and is an opulent recreation of the eighteenth century Regency London. The cheapest room is 720 pounds a night.

It’s not an ordinary hotel. It’s rooms start at 720 pounds per night and it’s an opulent recreation of the Regency London.

Reborn: The Lanesborough's 93 guest rooms and suites - and all public areas - have recently undergone an 18-month refurbishment

The Lanesborough’s 93 guest rooms and suites and all public areas have recently undergone an 18-month refurbishment.

Added cost: For those who want it, a Royale Breakfast is an optional extra - but doesn't come cheap at £65 per person

For those who want it, a Royale Breakfast is an optional extra, but it doesn’t come cheap at £65 per person.

If you add the cost of the Royale Breakfast of £65 per person (plus a 15 per cent service charge), you are looking at £870 B&B.

Cocktails and dinner with wine in Celeste will set you back a further £400 per couple for the seven-course tasting menu, which will bring your total to nearly £1,300.

If you want to stay in the Royal Suite, the price jumps up to £31,200.

For that price, you get seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two living rooms, and a dining room, but it’s still a lot of cash to blow on a hotel.

When you arrive, you will be surrounded by staff. Your bags will be taken and placed in your room long before you get there. You will be escorted by various members of the staff.

The hotel also has the largest collection of eighteenth century paintings outside of any gallery. You’ll even find original paintings by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

The property was initially built as a private house by Viscount Lanesborough in 1719 before becoming the original St. George’s Hospital. Management of the hotel was taken over by the German Oetker group.

It’s a world for the wealthy. It is Britain’s most expensive hotel and the decor shows it.

You’re getting a lot for your money. Even though the Lanesborough room rates are sky high, you will enjoy having a personal butler attend to your needs.

The building owners, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, paid a reported £80 million and employed 300 craftsmen, including embroiderers, stencillers, trompe l’oeil experts, and specialists in working with 23¼ carat gold leaf — of which there is plenty.

With three staff to each guest, the service is impeccable.

The suites have giant canopied beds, marble bathrooms, a huge chandelier, chintz sofas and chairs, and a lacquered dining room table.

There are two television sets. One is housed in a gilt frame on the wall, the other hidden at the foot of the bed in a shiny cabinet, which rises into the air at the press of a button.

The only real twenty-first century gadget are the Sony tablets that turn lamps on and off, control the temperature, summon the butler, and open and close curtains.

Top of the range: The most lavish accommodation at the hotel is the seven-bedroom Royal Suite, which costs £31,200 for the night

The most lavish accommodation is the seven-bedroom Royal Suite, which costs £31,200 for the night.

In the kitchen is Florian Favario, a protege of Eric Frechon, whose restaurant has three Michelin stars.

At the hotel, Favario aims to serve something similar to his Cauliflower appetizer, which is an oversized canape of two florets, creamed, roasted, and infused with curry oil with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese. At breakfast, your fruit salad will be adorned with tiny strips of edible gold leaf curled around the strawberries.


Watch the hotel’s refurbishment below:

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