Mini Classic Car Replicas That Can Be Driven by Adults and Reach Speeds of 46mph


Their manufacturer calls them the best toy in the world, but these handmade mini replicas of classic cars are a work of art. Without their parents, children would not be able to have these kinds of toys to play with. Made to scale of the original models, these mini model cars can be driven by adults and children, reaching speeds up to 46 miles per hour.

Fitted with a 110 cc engine or an electric motor, these miniatures are made by the engineering firm Pocket Classics. Their latest additions are the AC Cobra and the Jaguar XK120.

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Cutest Sports Car

mini model cars

The more detailed versions of the Aston Martin DB5 and the Ferrari 250 California Spider  have been made. Buying an actual AC Cobra would cost over $878,000 US dollars, but this mini sports car is priced at a much more affordable $11,712 US dollars.

mini model cars

It is only 7 feet 6 inches long and 3 feet wide, but they are big enough to fit an adult. Each mini model takes the company about three months to build. This is only made on a per order basis.

mini model cars

The cars come with working lights, horn, adjustable seats, flashing indicators, and brakes. For the petrol models, they have a semi-automatic gear box with three gears and can go in reverse. It delivers 250 miles per gallon.

The Shelby Cobra 289

mini model cars

The electric motors have a top speed of 14 miles per hours and can run for two hours straight on a one-hour charge. All models have the eight-inch or ten-inch tires and can weigh up to 440 pounds.

These are made for children 10 years old and above to drive. They cannot be driven on the road, but you can test them out in the privacy of your estate.


Ben Hedley, spokesman for Pocket Classics, said, “Our cars give people a way to live out their automotive dreams on a much smaller scale. They are engineered to work as the normal sized cars. The only thing we can’t do at the moment is make them road legal – but we’re working on changing that.”


The company has received very positive feedback from customers, with many saying they wished they had these toys when they were young. The cars are fun, fast, and very rare.

Hedley added, “We design the cars as tributes to the originals, but they are not endorsed by the manufacturers – they are interpretations.”


These mini model cars can be made to a buyer’s exact specification. They can choose any combination of interior and exterior colors.

The Aston Martin DB5 can be bought for  $16,106 US dollars. The Ferrari 250 California Spider is $18,304, and the Jaguar XK120 can be yours for $14,641.

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