Most Expensive Commercials to Air on Television


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Cost: $6.5 million


Honda is undeniably one of the biggest car brands in the world, and now they can add “the brand with the most expensive television ads” to their title. There were no major stars featured in the ad, and it simply showed how the Honda Accord is put together. It was cleverly directed in a span of seven months. Despite its cost and tedious preparation, the end result was one of the most fascinating television ads in years.


Cost: $3.9 million


An expensive ad can be justified by an equally expensive car. To commemorate their anniversary, Ferrari featured its old and new models and created one of the company’s most iconic commercials to date.

Go Daddy

Cost: $2.4 million

Internet company GoDaddy tapped world famous wrestler Candice Michelle for this hilarious television ad. The wrestler was in a sexy outfit that was enough to entice viewers to know more about this Web hosting giant. The ad was shown during the Super Bowl last 2005, and Go Daddy has been one of the most successful companies in the world.

Carlton Beer

Cost: $36 million

Carlton Beer

Australian beer company Carlton was rumored to have cost $36 million, but these claims were never confirmed by the company. It shows a group skydivers jumping with a Carlton Draught on hand. The ad gained a lot of appeal, and the beer draft company sold an extra 36 million beers because of it.

Most Expensive Spot

Cost: $2.7 million


Football continues to be the number one television spot for advertisers, and it has also been the most expensive one. Coming it at close second is the Fox television show Empire, which apparently cost advertisers a jaw-dropping amount of $497,364 for a mere 30 seconds on air. Previous title holder was the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy for $419,000.

So how much does it take to air a commercial during the annual Super Bowl? A few minutes is said to have cost around $2.7 million.

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