These are Some of the Outrageous Things The Super Rich Blow Their Money On …I’m Jealous


The super rich always get flak from us normal people. This is partially because we envy them. For them, life seems to be so easy and all about having fun and buying things. And most of the things that they purchase are so outrageously expensive that we can’t even imagine the possibility of owning just one of these.

Thanks to the TV show Secret Lives of the Super Richwe get a glimpse of the lives of the ultra wealthy people around the world. Now we can all see how the wealthiest in the world spend their money.

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If you have billions, you can easily afford a US$20 million house for your race horses.

 You can even buy gold toothpicks to clean your teeth.

Or build a multimillion home theater so that you can watch a movie in luxury and not just pretend to be doing so outside in cinemas.

They also buy indoor pools—that are also outdoors.

The rich also build extravagant candy bars for their kids.

Even their pets are living a more luxurious life than us.

They can easily afford to cover their stairs in real gold.

They decorate their walls with taxidermy that cost them millions.

And use Hummers as golf cars.

They always take the $80,000 private jets to visit safaris and other exotic places.

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