The Rich Kids of Social Media and Their Outrageous Spendings



Social media, particularly Instagram and Tumblr, is now showcasing some of the most outrageous spendings by rich kids. From long receipts from nightclubs to million-dollar watches, these rich kids definitely spend more than anyone can make in an office in one year. And to clarify, these kids haven’t done a thing to earn the money they spent in just one swipe.

So, take a look at where these actual rich kids of social media spend all their money:

1. Six Hundred Shots

2. Buy Their Own Groceries

3. A Low-Key Holiday Celebration

4. Ace Of Spades Champagne

5. A Few Clothes For The Week



6. Just For Happiness

7. For Elegant Capes

8. For a Gigantic Dollar Bill

9. Luxury Bags and Watches

10. Warm Fur Coats



11.A Magnum Of Piper-Heidsieck

12. Feathery and Fashionable Coats

13. Watches, Rings, and Smartphones

14. Two Black Cards and an Expensive Drink

15. More Luxury Bags



16. Dom Perignon

17. A Bottle of Ace Of Spades For the Bathtub

18. Expensive Gifts

19. A First Class Trip

20. Hermes Diamond Plate


Do you think these spendings are wise enough? Regardless of what you think, they just really don’t care. It’s not their hard-earned cash anyway.

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