World’s First Robotic Hotel Opens in Japan- Creepy or Cool, You Decide

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Room upgrade seems to be impossible when a reception desk of a hotel is manned by a robot. However, it still interested a lot of guests to check in the world’s first robot hotel.

Henn-na Hotel, which directly translates as “Strange Hotel,” is a five-star lodging establishment that has opened its doors to the public and accommodated enthralled visitors of  Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nakasaki Prefecture.

Humanoid robots get to greet guests who speak Japanese at the reception area, while English-speaking visitors are in for a treat as they will be entertained by a robotic dinosaur.

The droids are wired to be capable of engaging in intelligent conversations and function efficiently to run a hotel. Meanwhile, some of them cart the luggage of the occupants into the 72-room hotel.

According to the owner, the hotel is opened in its first phase. The second stage will soon be completed and launched in 2016 with 72 additional rooms.

Huis Ten Bosch President Hideo Sawada has made a statement about his hopes that robots would run 90 percent of the property. “In the future, we’re hoping to build 1,000 similar hotels around the world,” he added.



The innovative hotel also features guestroom doors that can be accessed through facial recognition, and visitors can request what they need through a tablet. Every room has a smart radiation panel that detects the body heat and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Eco-friendly energy sources such as solar power are also installed to reduce the cost of operation.

Henn-na Hotel does not offer fixed price as rates for each room vary, depending on the demand. During peak season, interested guests will reserve and bid for rooms online through their Web site, and the highest bidder will secure the place. But according to the hotel, there will be a price cap for the accommodation fees, which will cost from JPY7,000 ($60) for a single room to JPY18,000 ($153) for a triple room.

Watch the world’s first Japanese robot hotel in action here.

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