This Shape-Shifting Hotel Is Ready to Travel Around the World!

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A shape shifting hotel is ready to change the face of resort architecture by incorporating state of the art technology. It now surpasses luxury cruise standards, and an early concept was released and has captivated people worldwide.

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Aptly named the Morphotel, it is designed to shapeshift according to the ocean’s movements. Gianluca Satosuosso is the genius mastermind behind the whole concert. He re-imagined the idea of a hotel/cruise ship experience by imagining one that runs half a mile long with a spinal design.

In addition to it’s impressive hybrid structure, the hotel can also travel open water at a reduced speed, allowing passengers to embark and disembark at their chosen destinations.


“I believe the idea of the journey itself, without a precise destination, is a dream shared among most people,” Santosuosso said in an interview with The Daily Mail. He also added that the guests who enter will  be referred to as “tourizens”, which is in line with the fact that the structure is built to be similar to an indoor city.

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The hotel will feature an indoor city. The main “capsule” includes theaters, shops, restaurants and even animal farms while the main dock will feature a helipad.


Now aside from the futuristic design, here’s another reason why the Morphotel is a step above cruise ships: it never really has a destination.  The website describes it by “the sea not only as a medium to move tourists from one place to another (as cruise ships do) but also to discover unknown places.”

To top it off, the Morphotel will be structures to be eco-friendly by utilizing solar panels and getting energy from waves.

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