Swimming in Wine? See Japan’s New Red Wine Filled Spa!

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Looking to take Wine to a whole new level? Well, you can now. Thanks to the brilliant minds behind this Japanese spa.

This spa has the most clever idea of replacing the typical water and chlorine with coffee, sake, red wine, and green tea. Basically, the concept is to put almost anything that can somehow refresh a person’s weary soul.

Located in Hakone, Japan, the spa is noted for its one-of-a-kind feature, which is the 12-foot wine bottle and free-flowing wine all over the odd-shaped pool.

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This Japanese spa lets you take a dip in a tub filled with red wine

Aside from bathing in red wine, guests can also drink a glass or two while enjoying the flavored waters

Here, guests can practice the same ritual Queen Cleopatra of Egypt did long ago

This special wine treatment by the spa is only offered 12 days a year

Guests get to toast a drink as well

Other than the spa’s wine bath, they also have a green bath that uses tea from Tanzawa and Hakone. It is recommended for those who want to improve their skin and immune system.

For those who want to have a better-looking skin, then the sake bath is something you should try. It has a potential to remove a person’s freckles and age spots.

On Valentine’s Day, the spa also offers a special chocolate treat, but in the form of bath for the kids and the kids at heart.

If you are not a coffee drinker, then you can try the brewed coffee bath instead. Here, you can experience firsthand what it’s like swimming in a tub full of coffee.

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