RoboVault – Where the Super Rich Store Their Most-Prized Possessions

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All of us need a storage for the things we treasure the most, especially those that are worth a fortune. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind storage, you can find one in Florida. It’s called the RoboVault, and according to some, it’s the  “Fort Knox of storage.”

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The RoboVault is a high-tech security storage facility built to survive the most violent category of a hurricane. Located at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, RoboVault is visited by the richest of the rich. A lot of people, including Hollywood A-listers, have used the facility to store luxurious items that are worth millions.

robo vault 3

The vault houses very expensive items, from fine art collections worth $71,255,000 to $712,650 Ferraris. With all that expensive stuff, how do the vault’s caretakers make sure it’s safe from intruders, you might ask.

robo vault 3

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