10 Things That Are Downright Disgusting but Are Insanely Expensive

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Not all things expensive come in the form of a piece of jewelry or a fancy-looking convertible. There are very pricey objects that look bizarre and downright disgusting.

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1. Whale Vomit (cost: $70,000)


Whale vomit or ambergris is so valuable that it retails for almost a hundred thousand dollars. The vomit specifically comes from the sperm whales and is so highly priced because it’s in demand in the market but supplies are rare.

Surprisingly, though, a sperm whale doesn’t produce ambergris by mouth, it usually releases this in the form of fecal matter; but when produced in large quantities, the mammal expels this in the form of vomit.

Ambergris contains ambroxan, a chemical property used in the perfume industry to prolong a scent. One would think that this specific excretion smells good, but it actually doesn’t as it still stems from the whale’s intestine. Regardless of how nasty it sounds, ambergris still can break the bank and people do get rich upon its harvent. Recently, couple Gary and Angela Williams made a fortune upon discovering what they initially thought was a smelly rock.

2. Casu Marzu (estimated to be a $100 per lb)


Italians are well known for their cheese and other organic products. But not everything in Italy is easy to digest. Take the Casu Marzu for example, one bite of this and you might notice something crawling in between your teeth. That’s right, the cheese goes beyond actual fermentation and just borderlines decomposition, hence the presence of actual maggots.

Case Marzu isn’t just about encouraging flies to lay their eggs on the cheese, it has a meticulous method when it comes to its actual preparation. The cheese isn’t actually lethal in any way, but it has been banned in the United States and other countries for sanitation purposes.


It is, however, available in the black market and sells for a rather expensive price.

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