Weirdest Cars You Will Find Cruising the Streets of Dubai

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Dubai has become an icon of different wonders of sorts, boasting interesting, unique things that hold some fascination to people. Some of them are buildings. Others are cars, and here are some of the most unique cars you can find.

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There’s a huge pickup Dodge car that weighs over 50 tons. Despite its size, it can still be driven on the streets! However, there are traffic laws in place that prohibit its use, so it remains inside the owner’s personal premises.

Nissan Patrol

There is a weird transformation to a normal Nissan Patrol car—the steering wheel is put in the back instead of in the front so the driver would have to take the back seat. While it does look unusual, apparently it’s the best bet for hunting.


An actual Batmobile from one of the Batman films now lives in Dubai and is currently owned by Emirate Ahmed Abdulraheem Alattar, who presented it in the Emirates mall in 2010. Like many other expensive things in Dubai, this one costs about $1,000,000—something only the likes of Bruce Wayne can afford.

Mercedes G55 AMG

The car looks normal enough—except that it’s been covered by Emirate coins as part of the 40th Emirates Union Day celebration.

Nissan Patrol (Black Spider)

A lot of people seem to like customizing the Nissan Patrol. Another version had it with six wheels, designed to be used in the desert sand for outdoor driving or safaris.

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