Weirdest Cars You Will Find Cruising the Streets of Dubai

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Corvette C7

This car is fast enough as it is, but the interesting patterns on it is not just for kicks—it actually is part of Civil Defense in Dubai.


Sorry to disappoint, but the famous EVT Car seen around the streets in Dubai is not an alien spacecraft—it’s actually a modified Chevrolet.

Range Rover

Who would take apart a range rover to make it look like any other truck? Someone did a lot of customization, although it’s not clear for what they are exactly.


Mercedes cars always look classy, but this one turned a classic sedan to a wild car by modifying its wheels.

Devel 16

The first Emirate car with an American engine but with Emirate specifications, this one will have more amendments over time. However, it is set to be released in the market within the next two years. The price tag will be a bit steep, but there are already two reservations since it was presented in the Dubai International Car Exhibition in 2013.

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