Woman Quits 9-to-5 Job and Now Earns Six Figures Going on Luxe Travels

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Jill DeConti is living the dream life and she has the photos to prove it.

The 25-year-old left her routine job in the United States to experience the world. But DeConti doesn’t just backpack and rough it up like most travellers do, she makes sure that her experiences are coated with pure luxury.

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Deconti, who lost her single mother when she was merely a teen, did the ultimate gamble to live out her dream. She sold her house and risked everything she owned to start a business venture and to make sure this allowed her to travel at the same time.

Currently, she juggles a life as a globe trotter and being an owner of a booming online business. The products she sells are mostly found around the world, which luckily goes in line with her travel hobby. Despite being busy with her job, DeConti inserts a bit of play in them too by showcasing her glamorous life in her Instagram account. She however reminds herself to gain multiple income to fund her travels.

“It’s better this way than to put all your eggs in one basket,” DeConti said.

While many people would be dreaming about quitting their job and doing the same, DeConti didn’t get to where she is now that easily.

The brunette explorer worked a good 12 hours a day when she first began, but as time progressed and income began looking good, she employed virtual assistants to do the work for her. To add to her already growing venture, DeConti started a travel blog to share her experiences online.

DeConti has partnered up with her boyfriend and fellow traveler, Patrick, who she commends for being a great travel partner. Together, they set up TheLuxeTravelers using a personal blogging Web site and an Instagram account to showcase their travels.

The couple have gone to take private helicopter rides over New Zealand and relaxing in villas in Bali, to name a few of their many adventures together.

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