Woman Flaunts Her Luxury Car Covered with Priceless Swarovski Crystals


It is no question that a lot of young people are living a simply luxurious life that many of the working class citizens can only dream of.

21-year-old Daria Radionova is no different. The Russian born business student now based in London is dripping in so much wealth, she is making sure everyone knows it by having her Mercedes CLS 350 literally covered in crystals.

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Radionova parked her new dazzling ride in front of the Levin Hotel in Knightsbridge, located in the posh streets of West London. She said that her parents had purchased the car as a gift for her 21st birthday. Normally, the model would retail for about £25,000 ($35921.63) but the total value is sure to rise after being encrusted with precious gems that cost up to £20,000 ($28737.30) in total.

Radionova is not shy when it comes to boasting her wealth in social media. She’s posted several photos of her online with the outlandish car as well as her equally extravagant lifestyle.


The car is said to have taken two months of 12 hour labor to complete. “The car cost at least £50,000, then I spent £20,000 on the Swarovski crystals for it. It cost me another £15,000 to fly in my team from Russia to put them on the car for me,” Radionova said.


Nowadays, the priceless Mercedes is no longer in Radionova’s possession as she has posted the car for sale on eBay with an intention to share the sales with charity.

The Daily Mail reported that the car went on sale for £154,600, but based on Radionova’s Instagram account she still rides the pimped up ride with the customized plate number BAII BYY.


Nevertheless, Radionova truly got the attention she seems to crave for.

“Every time I come back I have to check if any crystals have gone. But I enjoy it. I know some people say negative things but I don’t care what people think,” she said proudly.

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