After Enduring a 10-Hour Delay, Woman Flies Home and Gets Entire Plane to Herself

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One woman got the ride of her life on a recent flight home. She was the lone passenger on the airplane.

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The passenger, identified as Ms. Zhang, was the only passenger on China Southern Airlines Flight 2833 on February 1, 2016. During the 90-minute flight from Wuhan to Guangzhou, Zhang took pictures with the flight crew since she was the only passenger on the flight.


Zhang wrote on her Weibo page that she thought the flight would be cancelled. She was very surprised to find out that she would have the plane all to herself.


The flight had been delayed by 10 hours because of snow, but being the only passenger on that flight has made up for the inconvenience. Everybody else scheduled for the flight had been rerouted or placed on earlier flights, only Zhang stayed on the originally scheduled plane.


The snow storm had stranded 100,000 passengers in Guangzhou Train Station in its busiest travel period, right before Chinese New Year.


This isn’t the first time this happened though. Last year, three passengers also had a solo flight experience with Delta, Philippine Airlines, and Air Zimbabwe.

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