22-Year-Old – World’s 3rd Youngest Billionaire


Long ago, when you hear someone say he’s a billionaire, you expect him to be a bit older or at least in his midlife and had done some backbreaking work that helped him get to where he’s at.

You won’t expect him to be this hot-looking and young like Gustav Magnar Witzøe, the third-youngest billionaire on Forbes’s list of richest people in the world. Gustav is only 22.

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youngest billionaire

This insanely rich kid is the successor to the family-owned business, SalMar, the largest manufacturer of farmed salmon in the world.

youngest billionaire

Undercurrent News reported Witzøe’s net worth to be at $1.1 billion, mostly from his father’s share from SalMar, which was transferred to his name to avoid paying for huge inheritance tax.

youngest billionaire

With $1.1 billion under his name, Witzøe landed on the top spot in the 2013 list of Norway’s youngest billionaires.

youngest billionaire

According to Norway’s Adressa, Witzøe was connected for a time with MGM Property and fiddled in real estate business.


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